martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008

Veinte canciones bajo la aguja (IX)

01.Pete Yorn- American Blues Vol.1
02.Begushkin- Refugee and the hag
03.Absentee- Pips
04.Blitzen Trapper- Silver moon
05.Tahiti 80- Ear to the ground
06.Tom Gabel - Anna is a Stool Pigeon
07.The Dears- Crisis 1 & 2
08.Trashcan Sinatras - Oranges and Apples
09.Oasis- I'm outta time
10.Begushkin - Redhood(-)
11.Lucinda Williams- Honey Bee
12.The Boat People - Millagri(-)
13.Kaiser Chiefs - Tomato in the rain (-)
14.The Shore- When tomorrow comes
15.Megapuss - Adam and Steve
16.The Boat People - Babysnake (-)
17.Jenny Lindfors - Night time(-)
18.Pony Hoax - Antibodies
19.The High Holas- You angel you (-)
20.Ryan Adams - Cobwebs (-)

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